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Dr Ram Balak Singh was born on 1st March 1930 in a small village in Hadsa in Bihar. His father Late Someshwar Singh left for his heavenly abode when Dr R B Singh was still seven years old. With much difficulties he kept his studies and family together. He did his I.A from University of Calcutta and later on finished his B. A. in 1960 and M.A. in 1962 from Benaras Hindu University. With a passion for teaching he did his B.Ed. in 1964 from Devghar and during the same period the love for humanity and suffering brought him in contact with the contemporary homoeopaths and he got himself registered with the State Board of Homoeopathic Medicine, Bihar. He served Govt. of Bihar as a teacher from the period of 1955 to 1984.

In 1964, he established a Middle School with the name of "Ravindra Vidyalaya" for the masses of Hisua, Nawada. The love for Homoeopathy inspired him to open a Homoeopathic College in the premises of the same school in 1967. That time, The MLA of Gaya district, Sri Gopal Mishra requested Dr Singh to shift the college from Nawada to Gaya. Sri Gopal Mishra was an admirer of Homoeopathy and had much confidence in the skills of Dr Ram Balak Singh. The college which was initially started in a rented place now stands in a sprawling campus in Amwan in Bodhgaya. Dr R B Singh was the founder principal, secretary of this college. He served the college from 1967 to 1989. torchbearer for the lovers of homoeopathy.

The college was rechristened as Dr Ram Balak Singh Gaya Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital posthumously on the intervention of Dr Ramjee Singh.
The life of Dr R B Singh is an example of the struggle of common man who always strove for the betterment of the masses. As a physician, he served the society and was a part of The Homoeopathic Medical Association of India in all the activities. He was later on also elected as a member of State Board of Homoeopathic Medicine, Bihar in 1983. Dr Ram Balak Singh lived a life of service and dedication. The OPD of his college served many patients daily and became a center of healing for the poor people around the area. The spirit of service remained in him till his last and he left for his heavenly abode on 8th July 1992 but his hard work and teaching remains alive and the college remains a torchbearer for the lovers of homoeopathy.